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John W.

Quietest equipment by far

We purchased your top-of-the-line system for a house my wife and I are remodeling to live in. We are very concerned about noise, especially the A/C unit outside when we entertain. The system is so quiet, at 100% you need to be within 10-15 feet to hear it. We run the fan in the system 24/7, which my wife did not want to do because of noise when trying to sleep. It is no problem. You need to stand right next to the furnace itself to hear anything and the even heat and air thru out the house are unbelievable. I am 63 and have had many systems thru out the years. This is by far the quietest most efficient unit we have ever purchased. The people at comfort solutions in Lebanon, Ohio were great and knew their business. We would leave them alone in the house with no second thoughts. Very knowledgeable and helpful.