R22 Buy back Opportunity !!!!!

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R22 Buy Back Opportunity !!

We are excited to let you know about this offer we have for you. The EPA has ruled R22 refrigerant to be phased out completely that began in 2020. R22 systems have not been produced since 2010, and restrictions for producing and importing R22 refrigerant in the US have been implemented causing the supply of R22 refrigerant to be scarce and expensive. Pricing for R22 refrigerant has increased significantly over the past year. This has caused the price of repairs made on R22 systems to outweigh the cost of replacing your system in most scenarios. If your system was produced in 2010 or before, there’s a chance you may have an R22 system (air conditioner or heat pump).

We are excited to offer an R22 buy back option for our customers that are ready to purchase a new system. We are offering a $100 per pound credit towards the purchase of your new system installed by Comfort Solutions for each pound of R22 refrigerant we recover from your system (up to 6 pounds). This credit can be up to $600 towards your new system! Offer expires 6-20-22.

To redeem this offer you can call our office at (513) 932-7200 or send us an email to [email protected] to schedule a free quote for a new system. We are Lebanon’s local family-owned heating, air conditioning, and duct cleaning business. We look forward to hearing from you!

Offer expires 4-15-22. Offer only valid for full system purchases (gas furnace/ac or hp/ac). Offer not redeemable for cash value. Not valid with any other offer. Limit of 6 pound redeemable. Not discounts or refunds for any pounds less than 6 or any pounds not able to be collected at the installation. Limit one offer per customer, per system.