Air Conditioning Services in Lebanon, OH

Air Conditioning Services in Lebanon, Cincinnati, and Springboro, OH And Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Services by Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Services in Lebanon, Cincinnati, and Springboro, OH And Surrounding Areas

When your home Air Conditioner is in need of repair, Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling is here to help. Some of the symptoms of an Air Conditioner that may need repair can be, warm air blowing from the vents, mildew smell when you turn on the air, the compressor kicks on and off or maybe it’s just not cooling properly.

Our professionally trained, certified service technicians will diagnose and repair the problem quickly. At Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling we repair all brands and models of central air systems and offer 24/7 emergency service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioner’s coils, filters and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. A system that is properly maintained can help to prevent costly repairs, all the while keeping you and your family comfortable all season long. Call us today to schedule your air conditioning tune-up.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Is your air conditioning old? Are your monthly home energy bills to high? Does your air conditioner require frequent repairs? It can be difficult to decide whether you should continue to repair your existing system, or whether it makes more sense to replace it with a brand new Lennox high-efficiency model. Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling will work with you to custom design the right system to fit your home, budget and your energy-saving needs. We will educate you in the process giving you the knowledge to make the correct decisions for your family’s comfort while lowering your energy costs. Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling offers the industry’s best financing options and can assist you in cashing in on rebates available to you while reducing your energy costs.

Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner

For cooling a sun room, media room or even multiple rooms, a Lennox mini-split air conditioner provides an ideal solution. Since mini splits have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork of central forced air systems. Call us today to find out more about mini split ductless air conditioners.


From energy-saving 7-day programmable thermostats to Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that let you monitor and adjust your home temperature from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. At Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling we have a great selection of products for every type of heating and cooling system.

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