How Do You Clean The Igniter On Your Lennox Furnace?

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How Do You Clean The Igniter On Your Lennox Furnace?

Is your Lennox furnace turning on but then shutting off just as it gets rolling? Does it do this a few times before shutting down for good? If that’s the case, you’re probably dealing with the same issue that many homeowners face every year – a clogged furnace ignitor.

While various furnace services are complex and require the assistance of a furnace service Lebanon professional, washing your furnace ignitor is a simple procedure. Also, it is simple to troubleshoot and determine whether it’s the source of your issue.

What Are Furnace Ignitors, And What Do They Do?

A furnace ignitor is a straightforward device found on the burner assembly. It is essentially a thin, arched metallic rod that sits in front of the furnace’s fire stream. The heating system ignitor’s objective is to inform the system that the gas valve is open.

This communication is crucial as if the ignitor does not signal the system, there would be a damaging accumulation of unreacted gas if the unit continued to emit gas when there’s nothing to ignite it. Also, the flame sensor holds a limited period to identify the ignition when your furnace starts and the furnaces get ignited.

What Induces a Furnace Ignitor to Accumulate Dirt?

It is likely for a furnace ignitor to fail, but more often than not, it is simply dirty due to carbon accumulation. Because a flame ignitor has a pretty low threshold for variability in the reading it takes, even a thin layer of carbon can cause it to be misinterpreted and shut down.

Because many devices are located- in cellars, attics, and laundry areas where there is a lot of dust and debris, it is easy to see how particles in the atmosphere could stick to the detector and burn onto it, exacerbating carbon buildup.

How to Clean the Ignitor on Your Lennox Furnace?

Here are some steps to clean your Lennox furnace ignitor –

  • Turn off the Furnace’s Electricity.

When performing maintenance on your furnace (or any other appliance), you must cut the power to the device. Turning off the thermostat (temperature sensor) does not turn off the furnace’s electricity.

  • Take out the Gas Sensor.

The sensor is relatively easy to access and is typically held in place by a single 1/4″ hex head fastener. When you remove this bolt, the sensor will slide out, allowing you to clean it even more effortlessly.

  • Remove the Ignitor

After removing the furnace ignitor, use very light grit sandpaper to rub the steel rod lightly. Remember, you’re not sanding down a car body here; you’re simply cleaning the detector of any accumulation.

Then, using a clean hand towel, wipe away any dust left over from the sanding. Just reunite the sensor’s wire, reinstall the sensor on the burner assembly using the 1/4″ screw, replace the unit’s door(s), and turn the electricity back on.

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