Why Is Your Furnace Reset Button Not Working?

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Why Is Your Furnace Reset Button Not Working?

All heating systems, such as furnaces, have a variety of parts. When an oil system malfunctions, homeowners may repetitively press the oil furnace restart button. Unfortunately, this tends to mean that these homeowners are unaware of how this feature operates. It is critical to understand what the switch does to ensure safety and prevent further issues from escalating by looking for reliable heating repair near me professional.

What is the Function of the Furnace Reset Button?

There is a reset button with every oil furnace. The red color of this unit makes it easy to identify. Furnaces automatically close when they detect a problem with the equipment. It contributes to the safety of residents.

They do this on occasion by mishap if there is nothing wrong. By pushing this button, you can reinstate the heating system. The furnace may restart and resume standard operation. However, you may discover that this does not resolve the issue.

Rather than repetitively pressing the reset button, only try pressing it twice or contact a professional for repair or furnace replacement in Lebanon. With each push, more gasoline enters the chamber containing the burners, and if an excessive amount of oil piles up in this area, your machinery may catch fire or explode.

How to Troubleshoot the Reset Button?

When furnace sensors detect a lack of fire in its combustion chamber, the restart button usually trips. Also, to prevent further damage, your heating system will get turned off immediately. There are several possible causes for the flame to go out. In some cases, you might be able to resolve the problems on your own.

  • There may be an obstruction if the button keeps tripping even though your oil tank is full of fuel. Perhaps one of the fuel system valves was accidentally closed. Remember to double-check that all of these valves are open before planning a service appointment or taking any harsh measures.
  • It’s also possible that your fuel tank is empty. Check the measuring device to see if it shows that the tank is empty. If that’s the case, arrange for a heating oil delivery and make it clear that you’ve run out of juice. When replenishing an empty tank, an electrician will need to prime the device. If no one takes this precaution, the equipment may get damaged.
  • The subsequent process is to press the reset button after you’ve replenished your oil tank. The furnace should be able to restart on its own. It’s not necessary to leak the fuel line- unless the furnace won’t turn on after you’ve added more oil.
  • The most common reason for draining the heating system is low fuel levels. If you let the oil run out entirely, the furnace may require additional assistance to restart. To avoid this issue, fill the tank before the oil level drops dangerously low.

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