Why Is Your Furnace Reset Button Not Working?

Why Is Your Furnace Reset Button Not Working?

When a furnace fails, homeowners may want to repeatedly press the oil furnace restart button. However, the reset button should not be used as a regular way to turn on or off the furnace. If you need to use the reset button frequently, it’s an indication that there is a bigger problem with the furnace.

It is critical to understand what the switch does to ensure safety and prevent further issues from escalating by looking for a reliable heating repair professional near me.

What is the Function of the Furnace Reset Button?

The furnace reset button is a safety feature that is used to reset the furnace in the event of a power surge or other problem. It is usually located on the furnace panel. It is a small, round button with a red or yellow dot in the center. When you press the reset button, it will reset the furnace and restart it.

The furnace may restart and resume standard operation with the reset button, but you may discover that this does not resolve the issue.

With each push of the reset button, more gasoline enters the chamber containing the burners, and if an excessive amount of oil piles up in this area, your machinery may catch fire. That’s why it’s essential to only press the reset button a maximum of two times. If you’re still having trouble with the furnace after pressing the reset button, contact a professional for repair or furnace replacement in Lebanon, OH.

How to Troubleshoot the Reset Button?

When furnace sensors detect a lack of fire in its combustion chamber, the restart button usually trips. Also, to prevent further damage, your heating system will get turned off immediately. There are several possible causes for the flame to go out. In some cases, you might be able to resolve the problems on your own.

  • Loss of Fuel: If you’re out of fuel and have a gas or oil furnace, the reset button might trip because you ran out of gas. This is a simple problem to correct: just make sure there’s gasoline in either the gas or oil tank.
    Blocked or Closed Gas Valves: Another possibility is that the tank reset button keeps tripping since one or more of the valves have been blocked or closed. If any of the valves has been inadvertently shut, check to see whether they’ve been reopened.
  • Overheating: If the airflow to a heater is insufficient, it might overheat and cause the reset button to activate. Make sure your air filters are clean or replaced and that the air vents are open enough for adequate ventilation.
  • A Dirty Flame Sensor: The flame sensor rod may be coated with dust and grime, causing the furnace to shut down. Keeping the flame sensor rod clean by brushing it once in a while can prevent this from happening.
  • A Dirty Air Filter: A clogged or filthy air filter might cause the heating unit to trip. Regularly replacing or cleaning your HVAC air filter (at least quarterly) will help to alleviate the strain on your heating system and keep it running smoothly.

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