Why Does your AC Smell Like Feet?

Why Does your AC Smell Like Feet?

Causes of Foot Smell in AC system:

If your air conditioner has your home smelling like feet or another funky odor, here are a few of the potential culprits:

Clammy Stagnant water: You may have moisture issues if your air conditioner smells like feet or filthy socks. The condensate drainage system may have overflowed, your drain lines may be plugged, or your air conditioner may be dripping water.
Look for any indications of standing water in your air conditioner. These signs of a blockage in your system, along with an air conditioner that smells like feet, are indicative.

Bacterial Growth: Your air conditioner’s foot or sock odor is being produced by bacteria colonies that love moisture. Although these bacteria are not directly dangerous, they can eventually consume your air conditioning system and continue to release an unpleasant odor.
It is advisable to get the air conditioner thoroughly cleaned when dealing with bacterial growth to get rid of the smell and eradicate any bacteria present.

A Clog: A clogged condensate drain is one of the main causes of an air conditioner’s beginning to smell bad.
However, the condensation cannot pass through a clogged condensate drain. Because of this, mold and mildew can develop in the drain pan and drain lines, producing an unpleasant odor that may permeate the ventilation system.

Dirty Coils: Moldy evaporator coils can also be to blame for your air conditioner smelling like feet. Instead of ammonia, some types of mold and mildew can release smells resembling feet, which adds to the AC stench in your air conditioning system.
To remove mold, use a vacuum cleaner and some compressed air to clean the evaporator coil.

An Improperly Sized Air Conditioner: Your air conditioner could not be the right size for your house if a professional didn’t install it.
This could encourage the formation of mildew in and around your air conditioner, which would smell bad in your house.

How Can Someone Prevent Their Air Conditioner from Smelling?

Clogs and unclean coils can be avoided by having periodic maintenance performed on your AC at least twice a year by a qualified technician.
Even better, regular maintenance will increase the overall effectiveness of your AC while lowering your energy bill and repair expenses.

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