What’s on a Furnace Tune Up Checklist?

What’s on a Furnace Tune Up Checklist?

Be sure to finish the furnace tune-up Cincinnati OH checklist before the overnight low temperatures arrive. What is it? The annual maintenance that your heating system needs is covered by the furnace tune-up checklist.

Why Do a Furnace Tune-Up

Furnace maintenance serves a variety of functions, such as:

  • Improves the energy efficiency of the furnace’s operation, saving money on heating costs.
  • Enhances the heating system’s efficiency for more comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • Fixing little problems can help you avoid breakdowns throughout the heating season.
  • Increases the risk to air quality and the safety of the heating system.
  • Prolongs the life of heating systems.
  • You can make sure your furnace operates effectively and without hiccups during the winter months by getting it tuned up. Due to the fact that a well-maintained furnace results in lower monthly energy costs lowering your expenditure and a longer lifespan for your heating system.

Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

Although tune-up duties can vary amongst heating contractors blue ash HVAC companies with furnace tune up Lebanon a skilled expert will include these crucial checkpoints in your assessment:

  • To reduce friction, lubricate the system’s moving components, including the fans, motors, bearings, and air circulators.
  • The pilot light assembly and electrodes should be cleaned and adjusted.
  • To make sure they adhere to system requirements, check the gas pressure and burner combustion.
  • For a motor’s efficiency, check the voltage and current.
  • Clear the blower assembly, then check the airflow.
  • If applicable, inspect the blower motor and belt for damage or wear and tear.
  • Clean the heat exchanger and look for corrosion, soot, and cracks.
  • Apply a non-conductive coating if necessary after checking the wiring and terminals for corrosion.
  • Check for potentially harmful carbon monoxide (CO) leaks.
  • Check the ventilation system and flues to make sure the gas vents are proper.
  • Look for loose seams in the ducting and seal them with mastic duct sealant.
  • Check the operation of gas valves and oil pumps.
  • Check the accuracy of your thermostat.
  • To verify that your furnace or heat pump operates properly, test the system controls.
  • As necessary, tighten gas connections and electrical cables.
  • Drain the expansion tank or switch to a new air filter (if the client has supplied one).
  • Oil filter and nozzle replacement or pressure regulator measurement and adjustment.
  • Adjust as necessary after testing the operating controls and safety features.
  • Prepare a report on the state of the equipment, outlining to the customer any potential issues or suggested fixes.
  • Finally, give a report outlining the tasks accomplished and any suggestions for usage modifications, HVAC maintenance, or system enhancements.


As per the heating contractors blue ash heat exchanger needs to be inspected yearly. This critical and expensive furnace component gradually develops small cracks over time. This problem is often accelerated by excessive use and poor maintenance, and it’s time to call Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning. Our highly qualified and certified technicians are awaiting your call. We can assist! Give us a call today for tuning up your checklist at (513) 932-7200

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