What Is Involved In Servicing An Air Conditioner?

What Is Involved In Servicing An Air Conditioner?

Your AC system is your biggest ally in beating the summer heat. With temperatures crossing 90 degrees in Ohio, summer seems to be scorching. If you service your air conditioner at regular intervals, it functions optimally. You must opt for AC service in Springboro, OH. However, if you ignore servicing, your AC units may have problems that would necessitate calling for the AC repair Springboro, OH.

How To Service Your AC?

You may service the AC unit by performing the following tasks:

  • Cleaning the air filter through the water spray. This may help in getting cleaner and cooler air from the AC.
  • Cleaning the vents by using a soft cloth and vacuuming the air ducts may remove the dust and dirt.
  • Clean the indoor as well as outdoor units with water to have your AC unit function properly.

However, getting professional help for AC servicing helps you cover all grounds.

Benefits Of Getting Professional AC Servicing

To have a smooth summer season, it is recommended to get your AC serviced by professionals before the start of the summer season, probably during the mid-spring. AC servicing done by thorough professionals results in early detection and remediation of any AC-related issues. It further helps with the energy savings and, in turn, results in low electricity bills. Additionally, it extends the life of the AC unit.

The servicing of an Air conditioner by a professional involves the following tasks:

  • The replacement of air filters for optimal cooling.
  • It involves cleaning and inspection of the indoor and outdoor coils of the AC.
  • The professionals clean the entire AC system and remove all dust and dirt so that we breathe clean air.
  • The technician, during AC servicing, inspects the condensate pump.
  • The AC servicing includes checking the thermostat to ascertain whether it is working properly or not.
  • The technician visually inspects the entire HVAC system at the time of service.

Opting For An HVAC Service Plan

If your AC unit is out of its warranty period, then opting for an HVAC service plan is the best and cost-effective option. You may opt for an annual or bi-annual plan as per your suitability. While choosing an HVAC service plan, you must be cautious regarding the scope of the service plan. You must check whether it covers repairs and emergency services. If repairs are included in the HVAC plan, you must check whether parts or only labor is covered.

An HVAC service plan typically covers the following tasks:

  • Seasonal inspections and tune-ups regularly
  • Replacement of AC filter
  • Repairing of thermostat
  • Cleaning of the airways to avoid the restriction of airflow
  • Inspection and consultation regarding insulation
  • Inspection of refrigerant and lubricant
  • Air quality inspections

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