What Happens When You Don’t Change AC Filter?

What Happens When You Don’t Change AC Filter?

The air filter can be the prime suspect of poor air quality when it gets too dirty and needs replacement. An AC filter that no longer traps pollutants will negatively affect other parts of your AC. The parts will get blocked, and they will work slowly. The other consequence includes a decreased life span of AC. Over time, the only solution you will be left with is AC replacement in Lebanon, OH before the warranty period of your AC ends.

How does not replacing the AC filter affect you?

  • Dirt Accumulation Everywhere in the AC Unit: Once the filter gets clogged, it will let dirt enter the other parts of the AC. Then, you will see dirt on the blower fan, motor, condenser, compressor, and everywhere inside your AC. It will give rise to a foul smell and less efficiency.
  • AC will Become a Home to Mold: AC filter is also beneficial in reducing the moisture level inside the AC. However, when the AC filter is clogged, there will be an imbalance in the moisture, further leading to the build-up of mold. Molds give birth to germs that are harmful to health.
  • Shortens the Lifespan: We spent a decent part of our income on the air conditioner, but how will we feel if the air conditioner will not be able to work even till the warranty period just because we neglected the replacement of the AC filter. The clogged AC filter will reduce the quality of your AC, shortening its lifespan.
  • Not APT for Health: The AC filter does not help block the dirt, debris, pollen, etc. These parts will circulate throughout the air. This circulation is more harmful to those already suffering from any health condition. Poor air quality can even cause lung cancer.
  • The High Energy Consumption But Low Performance: Your electricity bill will increase, and your AC performance will degrade. This is the worst combination ever. To keep this combination away from your home, replacing the AC filter on time is better.

When To Replace The AC Filter?

As recommended by indoor air quality experts, the air filter should be replaced within 30 to 60 days. The pleated air filter works longer than the fiberglass air filter, but the former gives 30 days extra of filtration. The number of people living in your family and the number of pets you have also determined the need for air filter replacement.

Process of Air Filter Replacement

The air filter replacement process may seem easy due to the many videos available online. This task is a bit complicated.

The most beneficial and risk-free AC filter replacement process is the process that the technician follows. If AC filters are not replaced accurately, the amount of time and energy you have invested in the replacement will be in vain. Consult a technician and let the expert handle the air filter replacement for you.

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