Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

When the sun starts scorching in summers, your air conditioner offers the only respite. Air conditioners have become indispensable for every household or commercial place. What people fail to understand is that your AC is complex machinery with several parts and components. These require constant vigil and maintenance for proper operations. You may require the help of AC technicians in Cincinnati, OH, to get a check-up for your AC system. Above all, you need a plan to properly maintain your AC to ensure your unit is working as it should and when it should.

Frame A Maintenance Plan

Firstly, you must know the maintenance period for your air conditioning units taking into account the various parts. You may refer to the manuals that come with the AC to understand the framework for the AC maintenance plan. Then you must gauge the degree of complexity related to the AC system.

You may get the help of professionals for the same. Then you must take into account the average running time of your AC system. It depends on the place of installation of your air conditioning unit. For instance, an AC installed in a home will have less running time on average than that installed at a workplace.

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

Some AC Maintenance tasks are simple and can be done by yourself. These help in maintaining proper care of the AC system.

  • Clean the Condenser and the Compressor by spraying water on them after unplugging the power source.
  • Brush off the dust accumulated in the evaporator coils.
  • Unclog the evaporator drain with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Finally, change the blower filter, preferably before the summer season, to have a smooth functioning AC.

Professional Maintenance

Problems in your AC necessitate seeking the help of an expert. These are listed below:

  • You may require an expert opinion on the right type of AC system for your home/office. This is important to avoid choosing an AC too big or too small as per the requirement.
  • An in-depth analysis and maintenance of your AC system require technicians to carefully calibrate and tune your air conditioning system.
  • Since your AC is a piece of complex machinery with many electric wires, tubes, and motors, only a professional should be called to resolve issues.
  • When your compressor turns on and off every few minutes, it signals immediate and professional attention for your AC system.

The air conditioning system is an integral part of your summer. If not properly maintained, your AC system may not function optimally or may go for ultimate breakdown. To avoid additional expenses of AC replacement and save on your electricity bills, AC maintenance is highly recommended. You may contact Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling that have expert AC technicians in Cincinnati, OH, for regular and proper AC maintenance. Take professional AC maintenance help to beat the summer blues. Contact us at (513) 396-7200 or email us at to know more.

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