How To Find Out If An Air Conditioner Is Working Properly?

How To Find Out If An Air Conditioner Is Working Properly?

Most people tend to deal with their air conditioning problems either by calling a technician right away or just ignoring it until it is unavoidable. However, both these cases can be detrimental to one’s finances one way or another. Nonetheless, both these problems can be solved by a simple investigation, one that can be carried out by the homeowner. People tend to think that conducting investigations of air conditioners is strictly restricted to AC technicians in Lebanon, OH.

The DIY Test

Although it is not possible to determine in-depth and accurate problems without technical help, this test should only be used to find out if the AC is cooling properly. Therefore, one can follow the steps below to do so:

  • Prepping The Air Conditioner For Assessment: To prepare the AC for an assessment, the first task at hand is replacing the air conditioning filter. This will ensure that no dirt is obstructing the flow of air through the AC. Another possible restriction that should be kept in mind is the vent covers. Remove this as well. One may also be required to use tools depending on how tight or loose the vents are attached.
  • Determine The Location Of Ducts: The next step would be to locate the different ducts involved in the central cooling system. Namely, the supply and return ducts. The supply ducts should be present in various parts of the residence. These are the main ducts through which cold air is released after cooling. The return ducts, on the other hand, will be placed in a well-ventilated area like the outside of the home or under stairwells. Once these ducts have been identified it is time to check the airflow.
  • Check The Flow Of Air Through Ducts: To check the airflow, configure the thermostat to a temperature that is significantly lower than the actual room temperature. After doing so, you can place a thermometer inside the supply duct. This will measure how cold the air is when coming out of the supply duct. Allow the AC to function for a significant amount of time and then check the temperature recorded by the thermometer. Then turn to a return air duct that is closest to the supply duct and do the same.

Once the temperatures of both the ducts are recorded, it is time to compare and come to a conclusion.

The benchmark difference that should be present between the two temperatures is around 20 degrees, irrespective of the scale used. If the difference between the temperatures is less than 20 degrees then there is a chance that the system could be under stress. If this is the case then it would be advisable to search up “AC repairing services near me” and have the experienced technicians at Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning look into the problem.

Our technicians can help with air conditioning repair and tune-up services. With branches present in Cincinnati and Lebanon, residents can reach out to our expert technicians through our website or over the phone at (513) 932-7200.

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