How Often Should You Flush Your Heating System?

How Often Should You Flush Your Heating System?

On the freezing winter days, you would wish for a cozy and warm home or office. For this, you want an efficiently working furnace. To maintain optimal service, you need to schedule some periodic heating maintenance in Blue Ash, OH. Power flushing your central heating system will also improve its performance. Usually, people power flush their radiators every five to six years. However, you should be aware of the factors that to be considered while planning a power flush.

How Does a Power Flush Work for Your Furnace?

Over time, you will feel that your furnace is not working efficiently, and it requires frequent tune-ups. In such a case, instead of investing in high-cost repairs, try power flushing the heating unit. Power flushing the heating system will significantly improve its performance. It will also reduce the energy bills and increase the lifespan of your furnace.

How Often Should You Power Flush Your Heating System?

Ask your heating contractors in Blue Ash, OH about the type of your furnace and how often it could need a flush. Its need for power flush will depend upon several factors, such as

  • If Your Heating Unit is New: A new heating system has all the new parts working with their full efficiency. In such a scenario, there is the least chance that your furnace will require a central power flush. Despite this, if you see some nasty corrosion in your furnace, then you might need to power flush it. You must call your heating contractors in Blue Ash, OH and let them inspect your furnace if it requires power flushing within the initial three years.
  • If Your Furnace is Less Than Four Years Old: A four years old furnace ordinarily doesn’t require a power flush. The need for a flush will also depend upon the material of its radiator. A stainless steel radiator has more possibility of needing a power flush than a mild steel radiator. Minor issues with your furnace can be fixed by replacing the boiler and plumbing. Contact your HVAC experts and schedule heating maintenance in Blue Ash, OH if you have not so far.
  • If Your Furnace is Five Years or More: If your furnace is five to six years old, then power flushing will be a great option to enhance its performance. Still, it is mandatory to discuss the material of your radiator with heating contractors in Blue Ash, OH to get an idea about the right time to power flush your central heating unit. If you find rooms with insufficient heating, inspect the bottom of your radiator and look for a cold spot. If there is any spot like that, then it might be due to sludge in the radiator. Power flushing your heating unit will remove the sludge and bring its efficiency back to normal.

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