How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced?

How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced?

A poor functioning air conditioner could stand in the way of a comfortable temperature inside your home and office during harsh weather conditions. Regular maintenance of your system unit saves you from compromising your comfort and increases the AC’s life span. The easiest way to find an HVAC service provider is by searching for a reliable Air conditioning service near me.

What should be the Frequency of AC Servicing?

People in most areas of the cities in Ohio commonly use air conditioners throughout the year. As recommended by the experts, you should schedule the AC service at least once a year. You can also opt for servicing it twice a year at the beginning of hot and cold seasons. A team of experienced staff inspect the unit for any damage and start their maintenance process in your scheduled time.

What is the process of AC servicing?

  1. AC filter cleaning
  2. Coil cleaning
  3. Fan cleaning
  4. Drain cleaning with leakage check
  5. Coolant check
  6. Technical inspection

After the process completes, the experts suggest whether your AC requires a repair or a replacement, based on their inspection. Besides the regular services, you must also schedule AC inspections at fixed intervals to experience the flawless performance of the air conditioner.

What happens when you don’t get your AC regularly serviced?

Malfunctioned AC can blow out harmful gases and smelly odors that are dangerous for your health and the environment. You may fail to enjoy the optimum cooling temperature if you do not schedule an air conditioning service near me. Following are some of the consequences of improper servicing.

  • System Breakdown: If you do not schedule regular service for your AC, its condition may keep deteriorating and result in damage to some vital parts and wires. It is often difficult to replace the essential pieces, resulting in a complete breakdown.
  • Clogged Filters: Due to a lack of significant maintenance, the cleaning process gets hampered and results in clogged filters. Sand and dust particles silt up the AC filters, coils, and fan that affect the ideal functioning of the system. In these conditions, the unit may not be able to reach the desired temperature.
  • Unwanted Noise and Smell: A malfunctioned air conditioner may pose excessive pressure on the compressor, producing a lot of noise. Clogged filters or water leakage can also blow out unwanted musty smells. For example, refrigerant (gas) leakage generates a hissing sound from the AC and can be harmful to inhale.
  • A Costly Deal: Air conditioner repair charges are costlier than maintenance charges. In case of complete damage to the unit, you may even have to replace the whole system. Due to improper functioning, the air conditioner will consume more power than usual, and you may have to pay expensive electricity bills.

Hence, it is a clever choice to have your AC systematically serviced and repaired to reap its maximum benefits. It is essential to pay attention to timely maintenance services by opting for the best Air conditioning repair near me. Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling provide trustable AC service and repair solutions with the help of skilled professionals. You can reach out to our certified technicians at or call us at (513) 396-7200.

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