How Many Times Can You Hit The Reset Button On Your Furnace?

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How Many Times Can You Hit The Reset Button On Your Furnace?

The restart button on a furnace gets used to turn it off before it trips your circuit breaker. It may be required if the furnace becomes overheated or if the electrical grid gets disrupted. Just hit the reset button again to get the heating system working again.

However, if you press the restart button and your furnace turns off once again, pressing the reset button again can cause severe damage to your furnace. If your furnace continues to shut down despite pressing the power button, it’s time to call professionals for heating maintenance in Blue Ash.

What if the Reset Button Continues to Appear?

A furnace’s restart button usually trips when the heating system detects no fires in the combustion chamber. It is due to a disruption in the supply of energy to the furnace. It will shut down automatically to protect the heating unit from destruction.

Hence, the first thing you should make sure of is that you haven’t run out of resources. If you have, arrange for an oil delivery as quickly as possible and notify the energy company that your tank is empty. Also, if your heating system starts and then shuts down, you must first discover the reset button on your furnace to restart it.

The restart button remains situated on the left side of the air compressor inside the blower compartment. In addition, to begin, pinpoint your circuit breaker and turn off the furnace’s electricity supply. Never press the button again and again because it will continue to produce more oil into the furnace, exacerbating any existing problems.

Also, If rebooting your furnace does not solve the problem, you may have a significant problem that necessitates professional repair. However, if you have prior experience repairing a furnace, look for the following issues that you may be able to DIY.

Mentioned hereunder are some reasons why the reset button of your furnace continues to blink –

  • Impeded Airflow

The restart button sometimes gets tripped since the furnace is not getting enough airflow. Hence ensure to clean the air filters and leave enough valves open to allow the furnace to run smoothly. Also, clean the blower wheel.

  • A Clogged Flame Sensor Rod

The fire sensor rod needs cleaning now and then, and the furnace turns off. Make sure you scrub it down regularly.

  • Fuel Shortage

Burner failure can also arise due to a lack of fuel. In this case, you will need to burn more combustible and afterward reboot the burner to solve this issue. However, if you cannot solve these issues yourself, it is time to call the experts for a furnace tune-up in Springboro.

After looking at the points stated above, we can assert that you must hit the reset button of your once. This is because hitting the button repeatedly times can cause unwanted damage to your heating system. If you are lately experiencing any issues with your furnace, we at Comfort Solutions can help you with all your HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation.

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