How Do You Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC?

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How Do You Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC?

Regular maintenance of your AC system increases its life span. However, there comes a time you notice your AC is not functioning the way it used to. Undoubtedly, a situation like that demands you to decide between getting it repaired or replaced with a new one.

Replacing your AC when it merely requires a bit of repairing can be heavy on your pocket while avoiding the replacement despite the frequent repairs will not be cost-effective either. So, how do you decide? Keep on reading to find out!

How do you decide whether to replace or repair your AC?

Following are the signs to look for when choosing between repair and replacement for your AC –

  • Issues with Ac System

Ideally, a well-functioning cooling system would not produce strange noises or odors. Also, if you notice that it’s not cooling properly or is leaking water, then a wise decision here is to seek professional service from a certified HVAC service provider.

It is crucial to consider that your AC’s functioning also depends on regular maintenance. With that comes the point that a functioning AC would not require tune-ups more than twice a year. Thus, in cases where the issues persist despite annual maintenance and frequent repairing, it is likely that your AC has worn out, and it would be best to get it replaced without delay.

  • Cost

A noticeable sign that should alert you about the need to replace your AC is the spike in monthly costs. In the long run, frequent repairs are not cost-effective, which is why you should consider replacing your AC with a technologically advanced model.

The repair cost is not the only indicator here, as your monthly bills would be equally suggestive of the need to replace your AC. This is because, when your AC experiences severe wear and tear, it will overwork to serve its function. As a result, overworking would not only lead to excessive heating and malfunction, but it would immediately sky-rocket the electricity bills.

  • Age

As your AC ages, its functioning decreases, and thus you might need to get it repaired more often than before. An AC older than ten to fifteen years is considered ‘old enough,’ making it more prone to damage and dysfunction. However, the age criteria should not be looked at in isolation as good quality and well-maintained ACs in a typical atmosphere may still function with minor difficulties in cooling.

The signs of uneven cooling and frequent repairing in an old AC suggest the need to get it replaced before it breaks down completely. Additionally, you might also face the issue of not finding the specific parts of your old AC in the modern market, which leaves you with the sole option to get the entire system replaced.

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