How do you clean your AC Coils?

How do you clean your AC Coils?

Overall, AC maintenance includes cleaning, checking, and repairing the components of your air conditioner system. This also consists of the evaporator coil situated inside your AC system, which functions by absorbing heat inside your home. There’s also a condenser coil situated outside, which releases heat into the outdoor space. The efficiency of your system can decrease due to dirty coils, and that’s why it’s important to maintain clean coils.

Things You Would Need To Clean the Evaporator Coils:

While cleaning the evaporator coils, make sure you are wearing protective goggles and gloves. These are used for precaution and protection. It’s important to protect your eyes and hands as it’s possible dirt might blow into your eyes while cleaning the coils. Also, if you’re going to clean the coils yourself, don’t forget to read the manual before working on your AC system and follow all the given instructions. If you need any professional help, Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning provides excellent AC services in Springboro, OH.

Steps To Clean The Evaporator Coil

  • Shut down your AC system before working on it. Remove the AC plus from the socket to be safe. You don’t want your AC to accidentally turn on while you are working on it.
  • Start by removing the outer panel to uncover the evaporator coils. Refer to the manual of your air conditioner, this would make your task of locating the evaporator coil easy. If you don’t have the manual, online videos can help you locate the coils quickly.
  • After removing the access panel, keep the screws or fasteners safe in one place so you don’t lose them while fitting the panel back to its original state. Follow a systematic method to open the access panel.
  • One of the most effective ways to clean evaporator coils is by using a compressed air canister. The high-pressure compressed air removes dirt and debris from the evaporator coils easily.
  • For removing stubborn dirt, use a brush but be careful not to brush too hard or you might accidentally damage something. Clean the brush before starting on the next step.
  • Use the now clean brush to deep clean the area with a commercial cleaner or homemade solution.
  • To finish up, reattach the access panel and plug your AC system back in.

Why Clean The Evaporator Coil?

Dirty evaporator coils affect the air-blowing process. An evaporator coil gets clogged due to dirt, pollen, or debris which results in a reduction of airflow. Such a situation causes inefficient cooling, so it takes longer for your home to cool. To avoid this, the evaporator coil must be cleaned.

Another issue with dirty coils is that they tend to increase operating pressures, which causes more load on the AC unit. This forces the AC unit to work at much hotter temperature levels. Such high temperatures are not suitable for other components and they might cause damage to them.

Always remember that a compromised evaporator coil impacts the performance of other components inside your air conditioning unit. This eventually shortens the life of your AC system. To avoid this, make sure you’re keeping up with your air conditioner’s maintenance. Contact Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning for any AC maintenance or AC repair in Springboro for quality technical assistance. Call us at (513) 396-7200.

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