How Do You Check Your Home AC Refrigerant Level?

How Do You Check Your Home AC Refrigerant Level?

When your AC does not cool as much as needed, the chances are that the AC refrigerant levels are low. This is a clear sign that your AC Freon requires refilling.

However, if you need additional Freon, that usually indicates a leak, which can lead to bigger problems. Do not just refill the Freon without having your unit inspected for leaks. Contact Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning for help with AC service in Cincinnati, OH. If the condition of the AC is severe, then AC replacement might be a possible solution.

First things first, you must ascertain your AC Freon needs a recharge. Here are some indications to look for whether the AC Freon needs recharging or not:

  • Put your hand close to the AC vent that provides cool air in the room. If the air pumped by the AC vent is not very cool, it may signal a pending AC Freon recharge.
  • You may check the thermostat reading. However, if the thermostat is broken, the reading will not be reliable to indicate Freon levels.

Checking Freon Levels in Home Air Conditioners

The following are the Do-it-yourself maintenance checks that you may run to know the Freon levels in your home air conditioners:

Check The Fan

You may start by checking the AC fan. When you start the AC, the fan starts moving. If it does not move on switching on the AC, the chances are that the motor is at fault. You must take caution and never place your hand or fingers inside the AC fan. If the motor is faulty, you must take the help of AC technicians.

Inspect The Filters 

Most often, the AC filters get dirty and accumulate dust and dirt that interferes with the proper cooling. Cleaning the AC filters may solve the issue. You may spray water on the AC filters to clean them.

Check For Coolant Leakage

If there is any leakage in the coolant, it may disrupt the proper functioning of the AC. It is, however, easy to detect a coolant leakage as frost starts accumulating on the motor, tubes, and other system parts of the AC unit. Coolants are intricate to handle, and therefore, expert help must be taken for this issue.

Check For Any Hissing Sound

One way to check for low Freon levels in your AC unit is to check for any hissing sound emitted by the AC. If the coolant leakage is huge, it results in a bubbling or hissing sound, signaling the escape of the refrigerant.

Inspection With Soap Test

If there is any refrigerant leak in the AC unit, it may be detected by a soap test. In this, put soap and water near a spot where you think there is a coolant leakage. If bubbles form, it indicates that the refrigerant is leaking.

Use Electronic Detectors

You may take the help of electronic detectors to detect any refrigerant leak. The electronic detector will emit a noise or visual signal upon spotting a leak.

On performing the checks, if you find low Freon levels, you must get it recharged. Do not try to recharge Freon on your own as it is dangerous. You must take professional help. Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning offer AC Repair in Cincinnati, OH, and can recharge the Freon levels smoothly. If your AC unit is damaged, you may go for AC replacement in Cincinnati, OH, from our professionals at affordable rates. Call us at (513) 396-7200.

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