How Dirty Should An AC Air Filter Look?

How Dirty Should An AC Air Filter Look?

Still, using the dirty air filter for your air conditioner? Usually, people forget to change or clean the air filter, which further causes improper airflow in AC units. Your daily schedules might be busy which tends you to ignore the air filter, but it is highly important to change the air filter every 2 to 3 months to regulate clean air. Changing or cleaning air filters will also prevent the circulation of allergies and dirt particles.

Signs To Consider For Changing Your Air Filter

  • Your air conditioning unit is getting hotter early: One of the most obvious signs which suggest you should replace the air filter would be the hot back of the unit. If the air filter inside your AC is filled with dirt and debris then it is more likely to get hot soon enough you can feel warm air coming out from the exterior of the AC unit. A clogged air filter causes more load on the air conditioner to work harder for performance and cooling. It will eventually cause more frequent AC repairs and decrease the life of the entire air conditioner unit. It’s better to replace the A filter on time than to replace the entire air conditioner afterward.
  • The Air Isn’t Cold Enough: Another factor to consider for changing air filters is a reduction in the efficiency of air conditioners. If you observe that your AC is not cooling like before or it is blowing warm air then you should check the air filter on priority. A dirty and blocked air filter causes the improper flow of air which leads to reduced efficiency of AC and leaves you sweating. If your air filter is not dirty, then call a technician to detect and solve the problem.
  • More power consumption: When the electricity bill increases it becomes difficult to detect the cause, since the rise in power consumption may be due to faulty appliances or poor performance of AC units. Usually, the electricity bills increase during summer due to continuous usage of the air conditioner but if your electricity bill is more than usual then a dirty air filter might be the reason.
  • More allergy attacks or infections: It’s especially important for those with allergies to change their air filters on time. A saturated air filter with dirt, dust, pollen, pet hairs or other pollutants can circulate the particles in your home through air blown out from the AC. This would cause allergic people to suffer more. Hence keep the air filter clean.
  • More dust near the AC vents: Another popular sign to detect dirty air filters is the remains of dust near the vents or surrounding furniture. When the space near your AC is dustier than other surfaces farther away, it’s time to check and change your AC air filter.

To maintain the efficiency of the HVAC system, regular maintenance is necessary, or else it consumes more energy and demands frequent repairs. If you are searching for AC filter services or any other AC service Cincinnati, OH, Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning can help you with their highly skilled technicians and quality services. All kinds of AC replacements at Cincinnati, OH are available check out at website to schedule an appointment. Call us at (513) 396-7200.

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