How Can I Tell If My Furnace Thermostat Is Bad?

How Can I Tell If My Furnace Thermostat Is Bad?

If you’re having trouble with your home’s heating or cooling systems, start with the thermostat. These devices regulate the performance of your HVAC system, and if they malfunction, can give the impression that something is wrong with your heating or cooling system. For such issues, contact Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning, an HVAC company that provides furnace service in Lebanon, OH.

A broken thermostat can cause the home to become too hot or too cold, leading homeowners to believe it’s a problem with their heating or cooling system. In reality, your thermostat could be the source of these problems, and replacing it is often less expensive than repairing your HVAC system.

Signs Of A Bad Thermostat

A broken thermostat may still provide some services, but you should consider replacing it right away if it isn’t working correctly. If you’re not sure how to detect if your home thermostat is broken, consider the following signs:

  • The Thermostat isn’t Working Properly: The fact that your home’s HVAC system won’t switch on or respond to the thermostat is the most obvious indicator of a broken thermostat. You should be able to turn on or adjust the temperature of your heating or cooling system from the thermostat. If you alter the thermostat and your furnace or air conditioner does not respond, the thermostat could be malfunctioning.
  • Your Adjustments to the Thermostat have No Effect: When you alter the temperature settings on your thermostat, it should respond nearly instantly. When you change the thermostat’s temperature, it will usually make a slight clicking sound before turning on the heating or cooling system. If the clicking sound does not occur or the system does not turn on immediately after the changes are made, the thermostat may need to be replaced.
  • Your Air Conditioning isn’t Working: Problems in the thermostat’s wiring can cause the signals it transmits to your HVAC system to be disrupted.
  • The Heating and Cooling System Cycles On and Off Frequently: It’s possible that the calibration isn’t right, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. When your HVAC system shuts off too early and doesn’t complete a full heating or cooling cycle, this is known as short cycling. As a result, your heating and cooling systems will be inefficient, resulting in an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere.
  • Your Air Conditioning System does not Turn Off: Due to miscalibration, the thermostat may never get the indication that proper indoor temperatures have been reached due to wiring issues.
    Inconsistent temperatures distributed throughout the house: The temperature throughout the house does not match the thermostat reading—some rooms are hotter/colder than others.
  • Programmed Settings on the Thermostat are Lost: Thermostats that can be programmed are intended to keep their settings for a long time. If your thermostat continues to lose these settings, it may be time to replace it.

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