Furnace Sounds? What’s Normal & What’s Not

Furnace Sounds? What’s Normal & What’s Not

At some point, all appliances and mechanical equipment emit a noise you haven’t heard before. You might start to think something is broken, or you might just ignore the noise. While certain noises are frequent and entirely natural, there are other noises that you shouldn’t ignore in order to prolong the life of your heater.

What Furnace Noises is Normal

Typical sounds include:

  • When heaters are turned on for the first time in a while, they make a slightly distinct sound.
  • You might occasionally hear your heater producing a noise like a pop or a click, depending on how long you’ve owned it. Not to worry; older heating systems tend to be more noisy  than newer ones and generate noises.
  • Additionally, if your heater has many speed settings, it can produce a noise to match the new speed that it is set to. It might resemble shifting gears.
  • Other acceptable noises include the following:
  • Chirping is probably caused by the heater’s internal mechanisms.
  • The metal parts cooling down might sometimes create crackling after the heater shuts off.
  • As soon as your heater ignites, humming is typical.
  • Metal that comes into touch with your duct system can cause pinging.

What Furnace Noises is Bad

Here are some noises you shouldn’t disregard and should take care of as soon as you can by calling your neighborhood HVAC professional. These sounds include:

  • You may have gas buildup in your heating system if you hear a loud bang or boom when you switch on the heater.
  • These steel shavings, which are heard as metallic scraping or screeching and are drawn to the magnets in the electric motor, can impede performance and eventually result in failure.
  • Flapping sounds can be alarming, but they can also be caused by anything as simple as an object being sucked in via the air intake that has gotten caught somewhere. The object must be small enough to fit through the vent, like a piece of paper, but substantial enough to become lodged inside the machinery.
  • Something as simple as a loose mounting screw or a squeaking door might cause buzzing, humming, or rattling. This can possibly be a furnace filter that is only partially placed. Look at these locations around the source of the vibrating sound. If the problem cannot be resolved by tightening a loose door cover or screw, it must be identified and resolved by a professional right away to stop future harm.
  • When a motor starts, it may squeak, whine, or squeal due to worn or loose belts, the motor shaft, the bearings, or even the motor itself. This kind of noise might be one you’ve heard before coming from a broken belt in a car or truck. The furnace belt may go through the same situation.

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