Fall & Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

Fall & Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your HVAC does not have to be bewildering if you have an overview of your appliance’s operation and the kind of care that would fit best. You can always schedule heating maintenance in Lebanon, OH but many of our customers have shown an interest in tending to their appliances themself. To help you care for your appliance better, we have curated a list of easy yet effective checks that an inexperienced person can perform.

Cleaning or Replacing Air Filters

Air filters are one of the most unsophisticated parts of any HVAC system and can easily be changed or replaced by owners themself. An air filter should be cleaned or replaced once every season. Clean air filters can affect an HVAC’s performance, and efficiency as a clogged filter can lead to a hoard of problems like overheating, short cycling, a spike in energy bills, reduced heating, frequent breakdowns, and more.

Check The Vents and Registers

It is easy to overlook your vents and air registers while tending to your HVAC, but a clogged vent can lead to several HVAC problems that may otherwise seem quite serious. Check your air registers for any blockages like pet hair, household debris, mice infestation, etc. such waste can also cause a dreadful stench to spread throughout your household, making your stay exponentially uncomfortable.

Update Your Thermostat Settings 

Thermostats can make a huge difference to your household’s heating and energy efficiency. Owners often do not make full use of their thermostat’s potential. It is important to know that modern thermostats can do more than just lower or raise temperatures. You can adjust your thermostat to operate at lower power consumption during the day or when you’re out on your daily errands. Although these features make heating stress-free, you should be on the lookout to not overlap many functions simultaneously.

Consider An HVAC Replacement

Knowing your HVAC’s limits is also very important to your HVAC system’s health and your household’s energy consumption. An HVAC system is built to last anywhere between 10-15 years. Some may even be feasible to run for 20 years with regular maintenance and upkeep. Nevertheless, as the appliance gets old, it witnesses a fall in performance and efficiency due to the mechanical wear and tear of the components. You should consider replacing your HVAC if it is older than ten years and shows signs of degradation like frequent breakdowns, rise in energy consumption, etc.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Service

Even if you have performed multiple HVAC maintenance checks on your own, a thorough inspection is never complete without a professional’s assessment. Having a trusted HVAC contractor Blue Ash, OH on your speed dial procures more benefits than you may realize. A full-fledged HVAC maintenance service not only prepares your appliance for the forthcoming prolonged hours of use but also significantly reduces the chances of future breakdowns. Routine maintenance also tends to the worn-out part and renews them for a smoother operation until a replacement is inevitable.

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