Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Should Troubleshoot

Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Should Troubleshoot

As the summer peaks, at least some of you might be experiencing issues with your air conditioner. The AC not cooling, AC does not shut off, noisy operations, and AC blowing stale or odorous air are some of the most frequent problems that Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning can work out.
The experts from Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning explain one of the most common issues regarding air conditioners not cooling properly and give insight on how you could troubleshoot the problem.
The lack of cold air can be one of the worst things to happen during the summer. There are various reasons why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air.

Thermostat Issue

The control setting for an air conditioning unit is the first step in turning it on and off. Always set the correct temperature to prevent issues from happening.
Sometimes, an issue with the air conditioning unit’s switch can be caused by an individual accidentally setting it to “Fan” mode. The thermostat switch automatically adjusts the unit’s functioning when the inside temperature goes below a certain point.
Possible troubleshooting: Replacing the batteries and ensuring the connections are intact are the few initial troubleshooting steps you could try. If the issue persists, contact an AC service professional in Springboro, OH.

A Clogged AC Filter

One of the most common issues that many encounter for their air conditioning units is a dirty or clogged filter. It could prevent the Ac from adequate cooling. The failure of an air conditioning unit to work efficiently can cause a rise in inside temperature and lead to a bigger problem if components start to wear out. Having the proper air filter can help keep the system running efficiently.
Possible Troubleshooting: A filter is easy to access in an air conditioner. It’s placed at the front of the unit and is part of the indoor system. The possible DIY troubleshooting is to remove the filter carefully without disturbing the control panel or wires inside and clean it using a brush to remove all the accumulated dirt and debris.
If you have pets you keep inside the filter might trap their hair as well. Ensure that the filter is cleaned regularly to avoid this issue from happening.

Clogged Drain Pipes and Air Vents

The air vents and the drain pipes are the components of an air conditioning system that help maintain a smooth flow of air. While the air vent helps circulate the air over the coils, the drain pipes help remove water from the system. If the drain pipes and air vents are not functional, the water may start leaking into the system’s internal components, which could cause it to wear out. A blocked air duct can also prevent the air from cooling down and prevent the unit from working.

Possible Troubleshooting: If you have a clog in the drain pipe or air duct, it could be by a build-up of debris. The best way to resolve this issue is to replace the drain pipe. You can also try a mild solution to clean the air duct. If it is beyond your capacity you should contact an AC repair technician.

Debris in the Condenser

A condenser unit is a part of your central air system to keep the air circulating. It has a large outer surface to allow the air to cool down. If the air conditioner still isn’t cooling down properly, it might be a sign that the external condenser coil is blocked.
When air moves into an outdoor unit, it passes through a condenser, which cools the air. Over time, debris can accumulate around the fins, which prevents the unit from working. It can cause the system to run inefficiently and increase energy consumption.
Possible Troubleshooting: You can try to clean the area using a brush attachment or a hose. You could also gently rinse it with water.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The indoor component of a central air conditioning system is usually an evaporator coil. It removes heat and humidity from the air, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Dirt and debris can cause insufficient airflow and cause the evaporator coil to freeze.
Excessive energy bills, poor working conditions, and frost forming on the tubing are all symptoms of a frozen evaporator coil. A professional could address these issues better and prevent them from happening in the future.
Possible Troubleshooting: There isn’t much you can do in such a situation. It is practical and advisable to call an AC professional

A Leakage

Coolant/ Refrigerant is a part of the cooling process that moves through the system’s indoor and outdoor coils. Once it contacts the warm air, it changes to a vapor that can cause humidity and heat. A leak can lead to the failure of your air conditioning system, which can cause it to stop working.
Possible Troubleshooting: It is better to call an AC service in Blue Ash. than to try and work on it yourself. Low levels of refrigerant or coolant leakage are better handled by experts.

DIY might not always work; it is advisable to call a professional at the right time rather than end up with a bigger problem. If you try troubleshooting with poor understanding, it might cause the system to break down altogether.

Do not hesitate to call Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning, the experts in AC tune-up in Cincinnati, OH. are ready to handle any problems. We help repair all problems with your air conditioner and provide exceptional maintenance services. Our 24/7 emergency service number is (513)-932-7200.

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