5 Tips For DIY HVAC Services

5 Tips For DIY HVAC Services

Nobody hates to wake up freezing amid the night. It can be queasy, even dangerous—for your family if your HVAC unit breaks down. However, there are things you can take right now to prevent future problems. Take a look at this list to see what you can do to keep your HVAC system in good working order:

Clean Air Filter

Unclean air is bad for our health, and it’s especially bad for allergy sufferers; but, dirty air can easily be avoided with one simple step: a clean air filter. When your air filter is unclean, your system has to work harder, which isn’t good for long-term performance or preventing problems. A clogged air filter raises your heating and cooling costs while also shortening the life of your blower motor and coils. If you want to avoid future problems, one of the first things you should do is change your air filter.

Regular Check-Ups

Suitable HVAC maintenance, such as tune-ups and air filter replacement, is essential not only for comfort but also for the longevity of your HVAC system. Plus, we can sometimes detect issues early on, allowing us to solve the problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Most households will have tune-ups twice a year, and if we notice anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ll let you know during those visits.

Check Vents

If you want your airflow and circulation to work in your favor, don’t cut off more than 20% of your home’s registers unless you’ve been informed otherwise by an expert. If you do, the airflow in your home will be substantially altered, putting a strain on your system’s ability to function effectively.

Keep The Surrounded Area Clean

Check to see whether your HVAC unit is impeded by items such as boxes or furniture. Large things can obstruct the return air grilles, which means the HVAC unit will struggle to do its job, whether it’s a toy or anything that’s been mistakenly positioned directly next to the HVAC unit.

Call HVAC Professional If Something Seems Wrong

Do you believe you’re having issues with your ignition? Or perhaps hearing weird sounds? Or do you believe the HVAC unit is cycling too quickly? Don’t dismiss issues that could indicate a problem with your system. If you overlook indications that something is broken or not working properly, it could endanger your family’s safety, and it could also turn into a bigger, more expensive problem to address.

As you can see, the measures outlined here ensure that you aren’t putting undue strain on your HVAC system when you don’t need to. Many people are startled to find that routine maintenance can help prevent HVAC unit problems, but this is true.

Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling take pleasure in being your go-to choice for trustworthy HVAC service, repair, and support, as well as routine maintenance. You can save money by enrolling in our preventative maintenance program, and you won’t have to worry about your monthly, ongoing maintenance. We provide other services like furnace repair in Lebanon, OH and heat pump replacement in Springboro, OH as well.

Contact us at (513) 932-7200 to learn more about our preventative maintenance program or to schedule our services.

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