5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule AC Maintenance This Spring

5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule AC Maintenance This Spring

As the weather warms up, you might think of all the fun things you can do outside. However, one thing most people don’t do during the spring is think about their air conditioning unit. And the last thing you want when temperatures start rising again is to be stuck in 90° heat with no working AC!
Scheduling regular AC maintenance during the spring is a great way to ensure that your air conditioner will be ready to go when you turn it on again during the hottest days of the summer. Whether it’s time for a tune up or a full-blown replacement, here are the top five reasons you should schedule AC service in Blue Ash this spring.

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Summertime heat can make it challenging to keep your home comfortable, but it also increases the risk of mold growth and other health issues. And you certainly do not want to deal with allergies or other ailments that can be caused by dirty equipment. A professional AC repair and inspection prior to the summer season can help identify any problems with your system, including leaks or other issues that could cause poor indoor air quality.
Regular maintenance checks can also help ensure that your unit is in good working order. These checks also include an air filter change, which helps keep the air clean. If you smoke or have pets, routine maintenance is even more critical. When pet dander and cigarette smoke residue are left behind, they can quickly become airborne particles that cause health problems for those living in your home.

2. Keep Your Air Conditioner Unit Running Efficiently

Age and wear on your air conditioner system can make it less efficient over time, so you’ll pay more each month on energy bills than necessary. If you don’t service your unit regularly, these problems could eventually lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided altogether with proper maintenance services from the beginning. Your AC needs regular maintenance to continue working and operating at peak performance levels for years to come. During the air conditioning tune-up appointment, our HVAC technician will inspect your system and make any necessary repairs or replacements. This helps ensure that your unit is working at maximum efficiency and reduces energy costs by reducing the energy needed to cool your home. It also ensures that you won’t have to replace any parts sooner than necessary or worry about paying higher power bills each month.

3. Prevent Costly Repairs

If you allow minor problems with your AC to go unchecked, they can eventually become big problems that require extensive repairs—and cost a lot of money! In addition, many parts within your air conditioning unit may fail without proper maintenance and AC repair in Blue Ash. An annual inspection will help ensure your system runs smoothly throughout the year without any unexpected issues or breakdowns. You can prevent costly repairs later by scheduling getting your AC system serviced regularly.

4. Extend The Lifespan of Your Unit

A poorly-managed air conditioner can cost thousands of dollars to replace and repair over its lifespan if it fails prematurely due to a lack of maintenance and care. Conversely, when your system is being serviced regularly, it can extend the life of your AC system by up to 10 percent each year. A well-maintained AC unit can last up to 15 years. In addition, scheduling regular tune-ups can reduce repair costs and prevent premature failure of components such as compressors, condensers, and evaporators. All these parts can cost thousands of dollars when they need replacing prematurely due to negligence and a lack of maintenance over time.

5. Keep Your Energy Bills Low

If your home has an inefficient AC unit, you could waste hundreds of dollars annually on unnecessarily high energy bills. An air conditioner that is adequately maintained will use less electricity than an older unit that isn’t properly maintained. In addition, a clean air filter ensures that your AC system works efficiently and helps reduce the amount of energy required to cool your home or office during peak seasons. That means lower energy bills during summer when air conditioners run most frequently.
To improve efficiency, we recommend changing your filter every one to three months. Basically, the more you use your home, the more frequently you should change your filter. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure your unit runs as efficiently as possible and reduce your carbon footprint.
While you might think your air conditioning system is working fine and doesn’t need a tune-up, it’s not true. Regular maintenance is vital to keep your system running at maximum efficiency and ensure that your home remains comfortable all year.
Want to avoid the risk of equipment failure during peak demand periods and extend the life of your air conditioner? Schedule an appointment for AC service in Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OH, today from a qualified technician like ours at Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning. We can help keep your AC in good shape. Call us at (513) 932-7200 now to book an appointment or learn more about our services.

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