What Does A Red Blinking Light On Your Lennox Furnace Mean?

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What Does A Red Blinking Light On Your Lennox Furnace Mean?

You observe a red flashing beacon on your Lennox furnace. The red light will keep on blinking and then stop for a moment if you look closely. If the blinking red light appears during normal conditions, it means the outdoor unit has been turned off due to a fault and gets currently locked out of normal operating conditions.

The blinking red light is usually part of a diagnostic feature that alerts the HVAC repair engineer to the problem. This code is customarily between two and nine digits long, and it will keep appearing. Warm weather patterns can occasionally stimulate this warning, and you can try restarting your system before calling furnace repair Cincinnati, OH experts to resolve the issue.

Why Does a Red Light Appear on a Lennox Furnace?

Mentioned hereunder are some reasons a red light appears on your Lennox furnace –

  • Blower restarting after a system reboot

When your furnace’s power comes back, your blower will usually turn on. Although you may see an error message, everything is in order. It is a furnace mechanism check, and it should initiate soon.

  • Combustion Failure, Fuel, or Fault Proving

Typically, a red blinking light indicating a fuel error, ignition malfunction, or fire pointing breakdowns in the combustion assembly area. This could be because your gas sensor is dirty, which can get remedied by cleaning it. It might, however, raise a red flag with the gas valve or Ignitors. It’s best not to tamper with gas because of the threatening nature. Thus, it is advisable to call experts for furnace repair in Cincinnati, OH.

  • Failures of Pressure Switches and Inducers

Inducers and pressure sensors are furnace components that ensure that unwanted gas gets vented. Verify if your furnace or exhaust is clogged first, even though it got maintained by an expert technician.

  • Switches with a high limit and a rollout

The purpose of these switches is to identify heat. The temperature- within the heat exchanger gets detected by the high control valve. It instructs the fan to turn off to avoid heating the heat exchanger.

The roll-out buttons are strewn about the furnace interior to discover heat where it shouldn’t be. Replace your furnace filtration system if you get a high limit switch error message. If that doesn’t work, seek assistance from a specialist.

  • Furnace Shutdown

When a furnace has tried to fire numerous times but failed, it is said to be locked out. By switching the power off to the heating system at the fuse box, you can reset it. Switch it off for a few moments before turning it back on. Sometimes all you have to do is turn it off and on again, just the same as your computer.

You might cause yourself more trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing and play around with your heater too much. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing your furnace to blink light, call professionals for heating service in Blue Ash to get it fixed right away.

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