What Does A Red Blinking Light On Your Lennox Furnace Mean?

What Does A Red Blinking Light On Your Lennox Furnace Mean?

You’ve probably noticed a little red light on your furnace that you didn’t see before. It’s fine; it’s supposed to be there. If the light is solid crimson or golden, everything is okay and your furnace is happy. But if you notice that the furnace light is blinking, it’s time to pay attention because something is wrong.

If your furnace’s signal light is blinking, there’s a problem. This blinking, like morse code, consists of dots and dashes. Before contacting someone to repair your heating system, take down the error code that you’re seeing. After that, the problem can be diagnosed and then fixed. Let the furnace repair experts in Cincinnati, OH resolve the issue.

Why Does a Red Light Appear on a Lennox Furnace?

Here are a few reasons why a red light appears on your Lennox furnace:

  • Blower Restarting after a System Reboot: When your furnace’s power is restored, its blower often starts up. An error code may appear, but everything is ok. This is a system check for your heater, and it should begin shortly after.
  • Combustion Failure, Fuel, or Fault Proving: Typically, a red blinking light indicates a fuel error, ignition malfunction, or flame-proving failure in the combustion assembly area. This could be because your flame sensor is dirty. While cleaning the flame sensor is a simple fix, it could also be a problem with the gas valve or ignitors, which is best left to professionals. Call the experts for furnace repair in Cincinnati, OH today!
  • Failures of Pressure Switches and Inducers: Inducers and pressure switches are furnace components that ensure unwanted gas gets vented. You can verify if your furnace or exhaust is clogged first and then call an expert technician for help.
  • A High Limit and a Rollout Switch: The thermostat’s two switches, which are for detecting heat, resemble the limit switches on a boiler. The high limit switch monitors the temperature inside the heat exchanger. To prevent the heat exchanger from overheating, it instructs the fan to shut off. If you get a high limit switch error code, consider changing your furnace filter. If that doesn’t work, seek help from a professional.
  • Furnace Lockout: When a furnace has failed to ignite multiple times, it is known as a furnace lockout. You may reset your heating system by cutting the power to it at the breaker. Allow it to cool for a few moments before switching it on again. Sometimes all you have to do is turn off and on the device again.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and tamper with your furnace too much, you might end up making it worse. Call professionals for heating service in Blue Ash, OH to get it fixed right away.

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