How Do You Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

How Do You Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioning systems are complex, but there are some AC unit problems that can be resolved with an immediate reset. Resetting your air conditioner is not a difficult task and it comes in very handy to tackle situations like; the entire AC system is shut down, the exterior AC unit is not working, etc. At such times turning the AC on and off or resetting is the first suggested thing to try.

If your AC unit is still not working after the reset, then you should seek help from technical experts. While Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning have highly skilled AC technicians Cincinnati, OH to help you with any problem regarding air conditioning. So let’s get started, here’s a complete guide on resetting your air conditioner system in simple steps.

Steps To Turn Off And Reset AC Unit

  • Shut It Off: In the beginning, you should turn off your AC and then reset the thermostat. Refer to your air conditioner’s manual to locate the shutoff button which must be placed on the AC unit. Check whether the thermostat is turned off before the shut down of your AC unit. It is an important step to follow for safety before starting your work as you don’t want the AC unit turning on while you are still working on it.
  • Get to the Circuit Breaker: The next step is to locate the air conditioner’s circuit breaker box. Usually, the circuit breaker box is placed nearby and is linked to the AC unit. Once you find it, turn off the circuit breaker box. You can even look for circuit breakers in the basement, closets, or crawl spaces.
  • Wait for 60 seconds: Once the circuit breaker linked to the AC unit is turned you have to wait for a full minute. For convenience set a timer for 60 seconds, after completing 60 seconds you can return power to the AC unit. Don’t forget to inform everyone in your household about you resetting the breakers, just for a safety precaution.
  • Turn it Back On: After 1 minute eventually, the AC unit will reset on its own. Now the thermostat device has to be carefully turned on. Set the thermostat on your required temperature and wait for the system to chill the air, just to confirm whether it’s working like usual or not. If the same problem continues and your AC doesn’t work like usual, reach out for professional help.


Resetting your AC unit often works as an effective solution for a tripped circuit breaker. Plus, it’s an easy fix to reset your AC unit once you get used to the process. But still, it is suggested that if you notice your AC unit requires frequent resets or the AC system requires many shutdowns then you must get professional help to resolve the exact problem of the AC unit.

Your air conditioner’s problem might cause damage to components of AC units, so before that happens book an appointment with AC experts. Contact Comfort Solutions Heating/Cooling & Duct Cleaning for excellent Air Conditioning repair services in Cincinnati, OH. We provide 24/7 service! Call us at (513) 396-7200.

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